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the player
Name: Sara
Age: 20
Hobbies: Writing, watching TV, sleeping, going on long walks, letting my mind wander, and making fanmixes. :)

the moves
Describe your personality as you see it: I'd say I walk a fine line between being sweet and being monstrous. I try to be nice as often as I can, but unfortunately I have sever anxiety and I tend to let the stress get the better of me. I have a very dry sense of humor, and I despise conflict, even when I'm not involved just being close to people in a fight - literally or figuratively - sends me into a panic. And that can make me mean. Otherwise, I tend to be laid-back and lazy, and I always administer advice, even when it's not wanted. I can be absent minded and totally oblivious at times.
Tell us a few of your talents: I have the ability to say the exact right thing in a tense situation - to either diffuse the situation entirely or to totally destroy someone. :( I try not do the latter, but sometimes - ehh. I can't control myself. D:
Name one thing you like about yourself: I have a roundabout way of getting what I want, which comes in handy a lot.
Name one thing you don't: I let my fear control me more often than not.

the choices
Leader or Follower?: Leader. I try to take control of most situations - I could be considered a Type A personality in that sense - but if someone else challenges that there's either some bitterness or an agreement and working in sync follows.
Hero or Villain?: If I'm answering honestly, I'd say villain, but not by choice. Just a byproduct of my inability to control myself at times.
Close-range or Long-distance?: Close-range. I like to feel the damage I've done.
Calm or Hyper?: An odd mixture of both. 'Contained nervous energy' might be a good description.
Mature or Immature?: I've been told by immature people that I'm immature, and by mature people that I'm mature, but I don't care wither way. I am what I am and I fall where I do.
Friendly or Cold?: Friendly, and friendly in a cold way, unless I know the person well enough. If I know them well enough, I can be very cold.

the strategy
What would your Final Smash move look like?: A series of small, concentrated explosions. Or some sort of self-fortifying effect.
Name one character you don't like and explain why.: I take some issue with Ice Climbers because they seem sort of... machine like in a sense. :\
If you could choose anyone (in-game or not) to accompany you through your quest in Subspace Emissary (or Adventure Mode), who would it be and why? (Be creative!) Bowser! There's something about his slow-moving stable destruction that could be a perfect counterweight to my own instability and all-over-the-table...ness. Also, he breathes fire. :D
What do you value most: agility, brute strength or magic?: Agility. Or a mixture of agility and brute strength, or brute strength and magic. Balance or speed.
Got a favorite stage?: Hyrule Temple - I like a lot of room to get away when I need a breather, and a lot of obstacle between me and ranged attacks.

the votes
Before you can be stamped, you must vote on three recent applications and link them here.

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Anything else you'd like to add? Questions? Comments?: Wow, I'm in a mood! I normally wouldn't fill something like this out this honestly. xDD Well, make of it what you will.
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