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I'm wondering if I did this right.

the player
Name: Not much to say, you can call me Blue if you like. Or you can just go "Hey you." all the time to me.
Age: Eleventy-twelve. XD
Hobbies: This should be pretty long...I guess doodling (I don't draw, I doodle), reading extremely long books for the heck of it, coloring on computer programs (I can't stand my colored pencils anymore), writing stories, ping pong, eating, sleeping, (day)dreaming, ranting, going on without knowing, being extremely lazy, being awkwardly strange...Does collecting stamps count as a hobby? Oh, and I talk to myself a lot, it seems so normal though. o.o"

the moves
Describe your personality as you see it: I feel like I'm an opposite sometimes. When I try to be quiet, I end up being loud, and vice versa. I'm pretty indecisive, I sometimes debate if I should sleep or brush my teeth. o.o" I'm kinda on the annoying side, probably, since everyone keeps staring at me...and I'm too nice for my own good, I'll give you five dollars if you really need it...I even say yes if you want to punch me. I guess you can say I'm kind of stupid because of that. :P
I guess I'm kind of boring, since I have nothing better to do. If I have to, I will go after the people who hurt my friends. Even if they're ten times bigger than me, or they can easily beat me up, I'll still walk up to them and end up in a big argument. I can't say I always win...but heck, if it's for the good of my friends! (Heck, I still have a bone to pick on this one kid who made my friend cry...I'LL GET YOU!!)
Tell us a few of your talents: Somehow always ending up reading my friend's mind. I doubt this is considered a talent. I play clarinet...but I quit. XD I tend to pick things up fast, but I'm not great at it. Is being able to use both hands a talent? :9 I guess eating a lot can be a talent too.
Name one thing you like about yourself: I...uh...I need to think about this...I guess I like the fact I can make my friends happy. If I can't, I try my best to help out. I'm not saying I'm a genius at these things, but I try.
Name one thing you don't: Um. I never thought that much about myself, I guess. I can get careless when it comes to looks. Plus, I'm a procrastinator.

the choices
Leader or Follower?: I'd like to be a leader, thank you. Personally, I like going by my own rules and wandering off and away to lala land...I only follow when I don't know what to do, but somehow, I end up running straight up to something and wondering how I got there.
Hero or Villain?: Well, it depends I guess. I don't really have a knack for being a hero since I'm so much of a coward to do anything (except for that friends thing, I guess). I can't say I'm a villian since I'm too nice...unless being too nice is a crime. XD
Close-range or Long-distance?: Not really sure. I'd like long-distance characters because I can get less damage, but I think I'd rather choose close-distance. It's probably because I like running up to stuff randomly...
Calm or Hyper?: Calm. I can't stand things flashing and blaring at you like crazy, I'm sorry.
Mature or Immature?: Mature. I don't like being helped out and being taught like a four year old. It just seems like they're demeaning my skills.
Friendly or Cold?: Friendly. I don't mind cold, but friendly people are just! XD If you're talking about my friendliness to cold factor, I'd say I'm cold to people I don't know. Though I'm pretty friendly if I know them or if we had something in common.

the strategy
What would your Final Smash move look like?: There would be a WOOOSH and a CRASHHH. And then I trip on a banana peel. :D
Name one character you don't like and explain why.: I don't hate anyone. Maybe (I'm sorry) Yoshi because of this one time, I got killed by a Yoshi at level 1. -___-" I also don't see the point of Mr. Game & Watch (Besides the point I'm probably just mad that he killed me once).
If you could choose anyone (in-game or not) to accompany you through your quest in Subspace Emissary (or Adventure Mode), who would it be and why? (Be creative!) Hmm...Probably Pit. He has his angel rings to attack close range (not to mention his duel blades), then he can use his arrows to shoot at long distances. Pit can also fly to get those crazy bombs. XD Me? Why, I'd just cheer him on in the sidelines or just kill the easy guys off. (I'm sorry Pit, you have to do all the work. XD)
What do you value most: agility, brute strength or magic?: Agility. If I can't beat someone with power, I go with speed. Well, not Sonic speed, but fast enough to get the first attack. If I can't have speed, my second choice would be magic. It's like, BAM, POOF!! WOOOSH!!
Got a favorite stage?: That Fire Emblem stage...I like it when I break those statues down. XD;; Oh, and I like Bridge of Elden, Tetra's Ship, the Halberd, Pokemon Staduim, and Final Destination. It seems like I like everything...I'm so indecisive. (I just realized that all of my favorite stages, besides Final Destination, usually moves and becomes something different. LOL!)

the votes
Before you can be stamped, you must vote on three recent applications and link them here.

vote #1 -
vote #2 -
vote #3 - Uh...There was only two people when I did this, so I can't find a third person who's unstamped. Sorry. Unless you count me as the third unstamped...but I can't vote for myself, now, can I? -raises brow-

Anything else you'd like to add? Questions? Comments?: I hope I did this correctly and I also hope I didn't bore anyone to death with my rants. Thank you for taking your time to get to know me and I hope you can decide who I am like easily since I don't want you guys to spend so much time debating on who I am. :D (Wasn't THAT a long run on sentence? XD)
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