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the player
Name: claire
Age: fifteen
Hobbies: reading, writing, acting, role playing, drawing, music, shopping, video games, and hanging out with my friends.

the moves
Describe your personality as you see it: i'm pretty shy in real life but online i love to introduce myself to randoms. i love to be happy and laugh but i spend a lot of my time thinking. i never do anything before thinking it over until i'm satisfied. i'm a very nice person and normally if i do something wrong i feel incredibly guilty, but other times i just shrug it off my shoulder. oh and i'm very competitive. i hate losing.
Tell us a few of your talents: i'm really good at math and, even tho it doesn't seem like it right now, i'm very good at writing when it matters, like for essays in school or anything. on my free time i like to use chatspeak.
Name one thing you like about yourself: i'm a fast thinking and very good at mental-multitasking. [counting while reading a book, for example] i also like that i'm competitive because then i work harder at things i'm bad at, just to beat someone. haha, motivation i guess.
Name one thing you don't: i procrastinate, i'm shallow, and i'm shy.

the choices
Leader or Follower?: when i'm a follower i get frustrated if i'm told to do something that i don't like/wouldn't work out. but when i'm leader i get overwhelmed with my responsibilities. so i guess i'd prefer to work alone.
Hero or Villain?: it'd be so cool to be a villain but i'm definitely not an evil-doer, so i'd say hero.
Close-range or Long-distance?: a mixture of both. i prefer long-distance but you're much more accurate closer.
Calm or Hyper?: definitely calm.
Mature or Immature?: a mixture of both but more mature than immature.
Friendly or Cold?: friendly. i hate being mean to people.

the strategy
What would your Final Smash move look like?: something fast but not wild and crazy and hard to control. fast&accurate.
Name one character you don't like and explain why.: ness and lucas. they're great to be and everything but it's impossible to jump with them, or to save yourself when you're falling off the edge. :/ i don't understand how people can regular with them.
If you could choose anyone (in-game or not) to accompany you through your quest in Subspace Emissary (or Adventure Mode), who would it be and why? (Be creative!) probably luigi, peach, or pikachu. luigi because he's hilarious and it'd be fun to have him hang out with me. peach because i've always really liked her and we could take tea-break occasionally, haha. and finally, pikachu because he's [she?] so adorable and i'd spend 99% of my time with him just cuddling him. haha
What do you value most: agility, brute strength or magic?: agility definitely. when you're fast you don't need brute strength, just and effective strategy and the speed to get away before retaliation.
Got a favorite stage?: final destination. it's plain and simple.

the votes
Before you can be stamped, you must vote on three recent applications and link them here.

vote #1 -
vote #2 -
vote #3 -

Anything else you'd like to add? Questions? Comments?: um, nothing really. i'd plug my brawl code in here but i don't remember what it is. haha.
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