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The Player
Name: Nick
Age: 17
Hobbies: I enjoy acting almost more than I enjoy doing anything else (perhaps besides eating; I love to eat). It's relaxing to take on a new persona--one that isn't my own--and just leave everything else behind for a little while. Only the script matters; only the audience matters; only the lights matter. Everything else becomes obsolete. Also, I play video games (mainly RPG's like Final Fantasy), and I rock hard at them. I also rock hard at Guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR, and SingStar, to name a few. Besides all of that, I'm a simply college kid: I enjoy hanging out with my friends, going to the occasional party, and finding cheap food that will tide me over until the next paycheck. One other hobby of mine is grammar-checking. I do it all the time, even if it's not a conscious thing. If someone improperly uses the terms "who" or "whom", I'm right on top of that. Improper grammar annoys the crap out of me.

The Moves
Describe your personality as you see it: I've been told constantly that I'm far too mature for my age. However, having skipped Kindergarten, and having been thrust into classes with kids a year or so older than I am, that's only to be expected. I'm intelligent enough, but I'm not a genius, by any means. As far as popularity goes, I have a lot of friends, but there are only two people who know almost everything about me, and even they don't know everything. I have my secrets, but who doesn't? If I were seen in my natural environment, one would be able to ascertain that I'm perfectly happy with my life, and that I'm a preppy, popular boy. However--as it is with all people--there is a lot more under the surface.
Tell us a few of your talents: As stated before, I love to act, and I think I'm rather good at it, I suppose. Besides acting, I do rather well at being agreeable: I'm able to observe others, pick out courses of action that people like/dislike, and mimic those agreeable actions easily while avoiding the disagreeable. I'm not quite sure if that made any sense, but it was an attempt.
Name one thing you like about yourself: My looks.
Name one thing you don't: How shallow I've become.

The Choices
Leader or Follower?: It may appear I'm a follower, but I'm always a step ahead.
Hero or Villain?: I see the good in all. The true villains are those who can't.
Close-range or Long-distance?: I've always been a fan of Long-Distance while playing video games, but I think if it came down to it, Close-Range would probably be more realistic. I took Tae-Kwon-Do for 5 years, so I'm a decent fighter.
Calm or Hyper?: I'm generally pretty calm, but I can appear hyper.
Mature or Immature?: Mature.
Friendly or Cold?: I'm extremely friendly toward everyone. Better to have allies than enemies, right?

The Strategy
What would your Final Smash move look like?: Maybe my character would change forms several times, each one doing a specific attack (i.e. I change into an bat that performs an aerial, then a tank that shoots missiles, etc.)
Name one character you don't like and explain why.: I think Olimar may be the worst character with whom I've played: his B-attacks suck, and his A-attacks aren't amazing.
If you could choose anyone (in-game or not) to accompany you through your quest in Subspace Emissary (or Adventure Mode), who would it be and why? (Be creative!) I would choose my friend Heather: she kicks major ass, and she would definitely have my back at all times. Also, I believe even if she were shoved into this battle with no prior knowledge of how to fight, she'd improvise and win.
What do you value most: My friendships.
Got a favorite stage?: I like Pokemon Floats from Melee. (Can I choose one from Melee?)

The Votes
Before you can be stamped, you must vote on three recent applications and link them here.

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Anything else you'd like to add? Questions? Comments?: Not anything in particular.
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