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[ s t a m p / o p t i o n s ]

- Bowser [ Super Mario Bros ]
Bowser is the most frequent main antagonist of the Mario series, whose brutality is matched with his oafish comical value. While ambitious and determined, he can rarely craft a plot more complex than just kidnapping Princess Peach. He has worked along side Mario on occasion, but only out of jealousy when a more competent villain has appeared.

- Captain Falcon [ F-Zero ]
Captain Douglas Jay Falcon is both an F-Zero racing pilot and a bounty hunter. Due to the mass fame he's accumulated, he's acquired many enemies and, in order to avoid them, spends the majority of his time in solitude on a personal island chain. Some even consider him to border on paranoia. He's known to have a relentless and "never give up" attitude.

- Diddy Kong [ Donkey Kong ]
Donkey Kong's sidekick. Diddy Kong admired DK's strength, and over the years has managed to prove his own; he even got the lead role when DK was kidnapped. He often retains a sunny and enthusiastic disposition.

- Donkey Kong [ Donkey Kong ]
Originally, since he kidnapped someone and took them to the top of a building, DK was the first main antagonist known to Mario. While he can still appear volatile at times, he's much more laid-back in the spin off which he's the protagonist of. He's a vicious lover of bananas, but he's also rather protective of his ape family and friends.

- Falco Lombardi [ Star Fox ]
An arrogant, blunt, smart mouth, Falco is often considered the best pilot Star Fox has. It's rumored he used to be a gang member, and while he has occasionally disobeyed orders or left Star Fox for more individual endeavors, he still has a lot of passion for the group which he considers to be like family.

- Fox McCloud [ Star Fox ]
The leader of Star Fox. Fox is motivated primarily by the death of his father at the hands of Andross. Wishing to avenge him, Fox originally fought Andross alone. In some games, Fox is seen as cockier and more reluctant to play hero than in others.

- Ganondorf [ Legend of Zelda ]
The most frequently occurring villain in the Zelda series. He was originally a king of beasts, but since then his human Ocarina of Time form has become more prominent. In sharp contrast to villains like Bowser and Wario, Ganondorf has significant intelligence, and even succeeded in conquering the world in OoT. He's always portrayed as completely vile, and is among the few Nintendo villains to never aid the protagonists. To correspond with his power hungry nature, he's the holder of the triforce of power.

- Ice Climbers [ Ice Climbers ]
Otherwise named Popo and Nana, they're a duo of incredible endurance capable of climbing mountains-made-of-blocks. Their exact relationship is considered 'unknown,' but often speculated as siblings or spouses despite their young appearance. Whichever is true, it's clear they care deeply for each other.

- Ike [ Fire Emblem ]
One of the few Fire Emblem characters who isn't of noble birth. Despite this, he shows the same sense of honor and concern for others that the princes/nobles have. As the (eventual) head of a mercenary brigade, he may appropriately appear stubborn and a bit aloof at times, but he's actually very caring and protective of those close to him.

- Jigglypuff [ Pokemon ]
A balloon Pokemon who lures opponents in with it's huge eyes and "cuteness," but then promptly sings them to sleep. It can sing on any wavelength, but once it starts singing, it doesn't breath, which sometimes endangers it's life.

- King Dedede [ Kirby ]
The self-styled "King" of Dream Land. His actions are often greedy and selfish in nature, such as stealing the land's food for questionable reasons, but he is seen to have another side. Increasingly, he's portrayed as having decent intentions but mischievous and less-than-standard means to accomplish them. After losing to Kirby initially, he partook in difficult training in order to have similar abilities (ex: inhale).

- Kirby [ Kirby ]
Capable of digesting anything, Kirby relies on a "you are what you eat" method of fighting rather than carrying a single weapon at any time. Whenever there's trouble in Dream Land, Kirby's always there to get to the bottom of it... regardless of how minor it may be. He's cheerful and innocent, but sometimes jumps to conclusions.

- Link [ Legend of Zelda ]
In every non-sequel, Link is actually a different character. However, they all have distinct similarities; they're silent, usually rather expressionless, willing to aid those they barely know, have a connection to the triforce of courage, and must have a deal of logic and patience to solve some of the dungeon puzzles they've encountered over the years.

- Lucario [ Pokemon ]
Lucario is a fighting and steel type aura Pokemon. It can sense the movement of all living creatures and even understand, and in rarer cases speak, human language. He can also use his aura to read the thoughts of his opponents. The Lucario in SSBB appears more competitive than some of his representations have been.

- Lucas [ Earthbound/Mother ]
At the beginning, and in contrast to most RPG heroes, Lucas is shy and even known as a cry baby. After more than his fair share of (mostly family related) hardships, he becomes braver and more independent. Eventually, he even manages to take down Porky's dictatorship.

- Luigi [ Super Mario Bros ]
Mario's more timid brother, who has nevertheless developed some negative feelings over the years due to being known as just "Mario's Brother." He's laid back, but can also be cowardly at times. However, even in his moments of fear he'll try to overcome it to help his brother if necessary.

- Mario [ Super Mario Bros ]
The famous Nintendo flagship character. As such, he has appeared in over 200 video games and shows a remarkable versatility of skills. He's generally portrayed as a courageous, kind, and optimistic plummer with balanced stats.

- Marth [ Fire Emblem ]
A prince from the original Fire Emblem, who had to restore his kingdom after being forced into exile. Betrayal and hardship are not unknown to him, but he's always had the same grace and honor even after unpleasant incidents.

- Meta Knight [ Kirby ]
A mysterious ally and antagonist to Kirby. He's confident and has a strong sense of honor; he refuses to even fight Kirby before offering him the use of a sword. While Meta Knight does assist at times, he has attempted to even take over Dream Land to end, depending on the translation, it's "laid-back" or "corrupt" nature.

- Mewtwo [ Pokemon ]
A Pokemon discontent with it's origins. In R/B, scientists tempered with the DNA of a pregnant Mew and the end result, Mewtwo, was extremely aggressive and hostile. Ruthless, it's main purpose is to cut down all those who stand before it. It can communicate with telepathy, making it capable of having conversations with humans.

- Mr. Game & Watch [ Game & Watch ]
Mr. GaW predates every other character featured here. As such, he is represented as a 2-D figure with many bell-like sounds. Since he's an artifact of the early gaming years, his personality isn't heavily extended upon. However, as the trophies state he "oozes personality," this likely reflects how he his games have him taking on a large variety of tasks and professions; fireman, chef, oil-catcher, etc.

- Ness [ Earthbound/Mother ]
A courageous but otherwise ordinary boy with much Western influence; he loves baseball and his favorite activity is "Rockin'." He is among the silent heroes here, but there are scenes which display his inner doubts and even homesickness. Both Ness and Lucas tend to use random, ordinary objects as weapons and have PSI powers which permit them to communicate with animals.

- Olimar [ Pikmin ]
One of only two characters who rely on others to fight for them. He crash landed on an alien planet, and the Pikmen helped him rebuild his spaceship. He has a wife and child who he constantly writes letters back towards, and he takes a rather comical role in SSBB itself.

- Peach Toadstool [ Super Mario Bros ]
The "damsel in distress" of the Mushroom Kingdom. She's repeatedly captured by Bowser, but remains as graceful and feminine as possible throughout each kidnapping. In Super Princess Peach, she proved that she also had the abilities necessary to save someone from Bowser's kidnapping clutches. Peach is often accompanied by an assortment of Toadstools.

- Pikachu [ Pokemon ]
An electric rodent, who in Pokemon Yellow was allowed to follow the player around due to a hatred of Pokeballs. Throughout the game, Pikachu can display a range of emotions and is generally friendlier than most Pokemon.

- Pit [ Kid Icarus ]
The main character of Kid Icarus. He's the captain of the goddess Palutena's bodyguards, and must save her after she's imprisoned by Medusa. He traveled great distances to obtain the necessary treasures to defeat her, and gains a great deal of strength (and possibly a hatred of eggplants) along the way.

- Pokemon Trainer [ Pokemon ]
In Pokemon, the trainer is meant to portray the player. There are certain limitations to this, such as how he's always ambitious; the main goal is to beat the Pokemon League and become a master trainer. The rival characters and organizations also inform you of how he treats Pokemon kindly, and instead of just trying to use them for power, gives them strength by caring for them individually. While using a high level or legendary Pokemon will almost always guarantee you a win in the main story, you/he may need to employ strategy when competing with others or during the post-league quests.

- R.O.B. [ R.O.B. ]
Video Game Crash of 1983; stores did not wish to stock video game systems since they were viewed as low quality and tainted. To prove that people were still willing to purchase video games, Nintendo released this Robotic Operating Buddy cleverly disguised as a toy

- Roy [ Fire Emblem ]
Roy is the idealistic main protagonist in Fire Emblem 6. He tries to avoid bloodshed if possible, and is usually very helpful and considerate towards others. (One of his victory phrases in melee is even "For those whom I must protect, I will not lose!") However, differing from most main characters, he has a sense of cunning and reacts calmly to negative situations, favoring instead to find a logical solution.

- Samus Aran [ Metroid ]
Raised by the Chozo race after Ridley murdered her parents when invading her home planet, Samus eventually became a bounty hunter. She went through intense training and was infused with Chozo blood, enabling her to exceed ordinary human capabilities, but also relies on the technology developed by those who raised her. Also a silent character, but nonetheless very determined.

- Sheik [ Legend of Zelda ]
The alter-ego of Princess Zelda. This disguise was created with Zelda's magic and the knowledge of the Sheikah she obtained from Impa. Her methods are more stealthy and rely mostly on agility. Although only a disguise, she seems like a completely different person in this form. She is duty-driven, independent and wise beyond her years.

- Snake [ Metal Gear Solid ]
A member of the elite FOXHOUND. Due to his genetic backdrop, has both amazing physical and mental talent. While he can communicate via codec, he works alone, and is often seen (or not seen, rather) sneaking around in boxes. He's calm and confident, but unlike most protagonists, shows little remorse or sympathy for his opponents. He greatly enjoys smoking cigarettes, and is also a flirt who is known to read "Gentleman's Magazines" (ex: Playboy).

- Sonic [ Sonic ]
Able to run at the speed of sound, Sonic is cockier and has more attitude than most platforming heroes. He values freedom above all else, and loves being able to adventure and do what he wants. As such, he's not the fondest of authority. While he enjoys helping people and dislikes to see anyone hurt, he also views the challenges Dr. Eggman pose to him as enjoyable.

- Wario [ Super Mario Bros ]
A crude, rude, and greedy anti-hero who has proclaimed himself Mario's rival. He would later appear in his own "Wario Land" spin off where the main goal would usually involve treasure hunting. Eventually, he gets another, more scatological, spin off titled WarioWare. There, he creates his own video game company, but due to his short attention span and laziness, all of his games are 5 seconds long and he got someone else to make the games for him.

- Wolf O'Donnell [ Star Fox ]
An infamous criminal who was hired by Andross to defeat Star Fox. Originally appearing as narcissistic with a touch of class, as he becomes less villainous he's seen more as a rowdy space pirate. While he dislikes Fox and has a heated rivalry with him, he has been known to aid Star Fox on occasion, especially if he thinks it will lift the bounty from his head.

- Yoshi [ Super Mario Bros ]
Yoshi was first used as a means for Mario to ride on, similar to a horse or camel. All Yoshis lay eggs, and are fun-loving, gentle, and protective creatures. Much like Pokemon, Yoshi is only capable of a few words, but is known to have a high IQ.

- Zelda [ Legend of Zelda ]
The elegant princess of Hyrle. Zelda can be seen as a damsel in distress, but in more recent years, the Zeldas (she also changes every game) have been in less and less "distress." As shown here by her Sheik disguise, she can do more than simply waiting for Link to rescue her. In one game, she was even a fiercely independent pirate leader. She wields the triforce of wisdom.

N O T E: Toon Link, Young Link, Zero Suit Samus, Dr Mario and Pichu are not options because they are exactly the same as their original characters save for moves and/or appearance.

Also, a big thank-you to the_404_error for the character descriptions.
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