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Officially Dead

I managed to contact contingence through a friend who co-mods her other community chocobo_stamps.
She was asked what where her plans concerning this place. And, well, she said she "dropped" this place long ago. So, this is a confirmation that we are mod-less.
And then she was asked if she could pass the community to some other person and her reply was that the contingence account had already expired and fully deleted, so there wasn't a way.
Which means if we want this community to be alive & stuff, we have to open a new one. Again.
Anyway, ideas, anyone? I offer myself to co-mod the new place, if needed. To tag, help with themes, stamp people, etc, etc. I can even make the stamps, but those may take alot of time, depending on my school-life.

Errrrr... *insert tumbleweed here*

...Sorry if this isn't allowed.

That said~ even if it isn't...

There's no mod to delete the post. 0.o; As in... gone. Vanished. Deleted.

...Are we officially dead? :( It's a shame. It was kinda fun stamping on people.

Action plans welcome. Unite, those who were never stamped~ for at this moment in time, I am Ice Climbers/Ness/Kirby/Jigglypuff/Pikachu.

Fear me. And please excuse my nonsense~ it's getting late here in the UK... ^^;

All the best~ and it was a lotta fun while it lasted. <3


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So to help get this place rolling a little better, I decided to start a poll to determine our first theme! Get voting.

What should the first theme be?

Mirror [ Look-a-Like ]
Matchmaker [ Your Perfect Match ]
Stage [ Stage Best For You ]
Antithesis [ Your Perfect Rival ]
Friendship [ Your Perfect Friend ]
Other, please specify in comments.