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the player
Name: Leon
Age: 20
Hobbies: Fencing, modeling, professional wrestling (Next month will be my one year anniversary in the Indie circuit!) medical research, studying, furries (yes, yes, yiff in hell, kill it with fire, etc, etc...)

the moves
Describe your personality as you see it: I'm a workaholic. Even on "off days," I still have to devote at least some time to either studying for a class or just general research. I'm becoming a nurse and need to constantly stay in front of the pack, considering my school will only allow a limited number of students into the program.
Tell us a few of your talents: I currently work as a model, so I can hold poses and emotions for long periods of time. Also, I do some pro wrestling, so I'm a decent actor/performer. I don't really do much in the ring, but I play a manager / plot character. I guess memorizing medical stuff... then again, I don't know if "naming all the bones" really counts as a talent.
Name one thing you like about yourself: I don't let things drag me down. Even if people have poor opinions of me or try to bog me down with their own problems, I can still keep my eyes forward and not let it gnaw at me.
Name one thing you don't: I'm kind of egotistical, and though I really am a nice guy, I can come off kind of cold, especially if I'm not interesting in something.

the choices
Leader or Follower?: I'll lead if no one else is up for the job. I don't mind being a leader, but I know there are some people who "NEED" to have the position, so I don't mind stepping down either.
Hero or Villain?: That's hard to say. I don't think I could ever be out right "Evil," but I also don't think I could ever been entirely "Good" either.
Close-range or Long-distance?: Long-range. I prefer chipping away at someone as they're racing towards me.
Calm or Hyper?: I can be kind of excitable... heh. I try my best to stay calm, but when I get wound up, I kind of go overboard.
Mature or Immature?: Both. I'll study Chemistry and Toxicology until I'm tired, then I'll drink chocolate milk and make one of my friends give me a piggy-back ride back to my room.
Friendly or Cold?: I try hard to be friendly... it just doesn't always work.

the strategy
What would your Final Smash move look like?: For those who have played it, it would probably be similar to Roxis's Burst Attack in Mana Khemia. I would want something fast and elegant. I would be willing to sacrifice high damage for multiple hits and immobilizing my opponent.
Name one character you don't like and explain why.: It's kind of juvenile and personal, but Pikachu. When SSB came out for the N64, all of my friends would pick Pikachu and refuse to pick another character. I would try to use as many different characters as possible, just to get a variance, but they just kept getting better and better at using just Pikachu, until I barely stood a chance anymore. Since then, I've always equated Pikachu with losing round after round of SSB when I was a kid.
If you could choose anyone (in-game or not) to accompany you through your quest in Subspace Emissary (or Adventure Mode), who would it be and why? (Be creative!) I'd like to take Ness and Lucas. I've always admired both of them for their characterization in the Mother series, and I think that if we worked together, we'd make a good team. Plus, I'd get the benefits of two Psychically inclined teenagers to do watch my back.
What do you value most: agility, brute strength or magic?: Probably magic, then agility, then strength. I've always had the most fun with bright, elegant, cool-looking attacks over just wailing on someone. Also, I'd rather have a good defense and be able to escape an oncoming attack rather than just having to take it and then try to retaliate.
Got a favorite stage?:

the votes
Before you can be stamped, you must vote on three recent applications and link them here.

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Anything else you'd like to add? Questions? Comments?: Don't worry about gender playing a part. Just stamp me with whatever comes naturally. Thank you!


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Sep. 3rd, 2008 08:35 pm (UTC)
Link. You both are always working, can come off cold but is really a nice guy, and always keep moving despite negative comments. He doesn't mind being the leader or stepping down so someone eles can lead. Link's final smash allows multiple hits and is fast and elegant.
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 6th, 2008 07:24 pm (UTC)
Link, definitely because you're a workaholic. Also, the whole fencing/wrestling thing ties in with his swordsmanship and strength. Also, since Link is a fighter, he can seem scary or cold hearted, but when people get to know him, they realize he's a really nice guy.
Sep. 7th, 2008 05:36 am (UTC)
Getting Link vibes as well. From the hobbies, I can tell your talent is extremely versatile, and considering that Link is a horseman, archer, and swordsman all at once, he's definitely one with versatility. Although I've never found Link the cold type, it would seem that some have thought of him that way. You sound diligent and commited to your work, something I also see in Link.
Sep. 11th, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
I hate picking the character others have picked, but I'm going to have to go with Link, too. He just seems to fit you better than any of the other characters do: he's hard working, smart (I mean, he apparently can solve puzzles like nobody's business), he, too, is good with a sword, he can come off as being cold even though he's a nice guy, he has long-range attacks, and I can see him as a leader only because no one else is taking that position. And hey, he can turn into a wolf which I guess is kinda furry-related.
Sep. 13th, 2008 10:07 pm (UTC)
Congrats! You are most like Link.

Please remember to stick around and vote on others.
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